Have you wondered what's like to be a  soulless cybernetic murder machine driven by a limited power source. Well stop wondering and try it instead!

In Power Surge you can unleash you inner murderous robot and defeat an infected world of monsters. Conquer the leaderboard and show you friends how's the boss of this world!

The game was created for the Classic Ludum Dare Game Jam during 72 hours by a single developer (aka me Neathan). I used Unity 2017 as an engine and Paint.net for art.


The goal with the game is to kill as many monsters as you can and at the same prevent your batteries to run dry. When you kill a monster they drop energy essence. Just by walking close to the essence your battery automatically attracts and collects it. This will add charge to your battery that will help you to stay alive. If your charge reaches zero you're out.



Left Arrow + Right Arrow = Move

Z = Jump   X = Shoot   Space = Start

Controller: (Only windows)

Left joystick = Move

X / A = Jump   Square / X / = Shoot   Start = Start

Circle / B = Alt Jump   Triangle / Y = Alt Shoot


Follow the following link to access the web version: https://neathan.github.io/Running-out-of-Power/ (Bug in safari, chrome confirmed to work)

Install instructions


Simply extract the rar or zip file and place its content wherever you please.  One thing to note is that the executable (.exe) has to be in the same directory as the PowerSurge_Data folder. (Windows defender might warn you that the program is from an unknown source, just press show more and run anyway to start the game)


Just extract the rar or zip file and you have your app. (You might have to right click on the app and the select open to be able to start the game)


PowerSurge_Win64.rar 13 MB
PowerSurge_Win64.zip 16 MB
PowerSurge_Win32.rar 11 MB
PowerSurge_Win32.zip 14 MB
PowerSurge_64.app.zip 18 MB
PowerSurge.app.zip 18 MB

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